Biking Eklutna Lake by Kevan Dee

A beautiful location near Anchorage is Eklutna Lake (which also provides much of our drinking water), where we went with our bikes on Sunday. The weekends are popular up there, but there were still a few spots open when we pulled in after lunch. The lakeside trail is open to ATV's Sunday through Wednesday, and their parking lot looked busy as we passed by. The lakeside trail has just been reworked this summer after erosion had its way with the trail in a few places. It's now very wide and smooth nearly the whole length of the lake! It's a very easy trail, so great for beginning mountain bikers, or just for getting to some incredible Alaskan landscapes! But don't tell anyone, instead say you bushwacked for days to get to that incredible scenic photo of waterfalls and glaciers and huge Chugach peaks. 

David was the motivation for the ride, and Julie joined us as well (and Lumi of course). We decided that we wanted to check out the Serenity falls hut at mile 12 of the trail, so we'd be in for a long 24 mile afternoon!

The trail is mostly flat, wide and smooth, with plenty of opportunities for photos! There are a few hiking trails that head up the mountains to the North, and getting up higher makes for even better views. There's a cabin about at the halfway point along the lake, but these have such easy access they are very popular and fill up fast! We pedaled past this cabin, stopping a few times for photos, and once for Lumi to take a swim. There were a few more puddles after the end of the lake, but we stayed mostly dry all the way to Serenity Falls. This was my first time to this cabin, and I'm definitely coming back! It's in a fairly narrow valley with towering cliffs and mountains, and a little farther up-valley is the Eklutna glacier. This hut is pretty big, able to sleep 13 or so, and big windows on the South side for a great view of the falls.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves! Still some great fall colors along the hillsides, with some clouds obscuring a few of the big peaks ...